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Last Updated: August 26, 2016

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Fact Sheet


4-Panel Footprint (main dev is in Kansas City, everyone else is around the US, and in Japan, Sweden, Canada, and France)

Steam Early Access Date

July 27, 2015

Full Release Date


Platform Pages

Steam, Humble Widget


Steam for Windows

Early Access Price

$14.99 USD

Full Release Price



Pulsen is a music and rhythm game featuring 85 songs and more to come. Core gameplay is easy to learn but hard to master, and involves hitting four directional arrows to the beat of the music as they pass by the screen. Every song has five or more difficulties and its own set of challenging arrow patterns and play style. Score is determined by how well arrows are hit in time with the music. Song experiences can be enhanced and customized with numerous song modifiers, settings, and arrow noteskins. Compete against a friend locally and compare scores with friends in-game on Steam.


Expansive Song List

85 songs from independent artists!

Designed for Any Skill Level

5 or 6 difficulties for every song totaling over 440 charts!

Bring a Buddy

Play solo or with a friend in local two player.

Multiple Ways to Play

Play with a dance pad, computer keyboard, game controller, or drum set controller.

Customize Your Song Experience

Tons of song modifiers, settings, and arrow noteskins.

Get In The Zone

Unique song Effects keep songs engaging and keep you on your toes.

Workout Mode

Track your exercise intensity while playing songs with no down time.

Steam Integration

Compare scores in-game with friends, unlock achievements, and collect trading cards. Achievements and Trading Cards are still in development.

And More!

Remappable controls, dynamic resolutions and aspect ratio, and mouse functionality.


The first version of Pulsen was originally released in 2011. Pulsen 2011 featured the same core gameplay, though it never reached the point where the team felt perfect with it.

In early 2015, we decided to give Pulsen the justice it deserved. We wanted to make Pulsen the most fun and accessible game we could. We spent months working on everything: optimization, UI, improved song charts, more content, new modes, Steam integration, and anything else we could think of. We also totally restructured how the game would be sold, focusing on having a meaty and complete core game. Pulsen is much more than just a rebranding or relaunch, it is a whole new game. We love the massive amount of improvements and additions, and know that our original fan-base will too.


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Pulsen: Souleye

 Download Pulsen: Souleye (DLC) Early Access Trailer


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Logos & Icons

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About 4-Panel Footprint

4-Panel Footprint is the result of the Kansas City based indie developer Kevin Ghadyani with the dream of making a rhythm game accessible, fun, challenging, and full of great music from independent artists. After years of hard work, the help of a few talented freelancers, and his whole life savings, he was able to make Pulsen a reality.